Pamoja in the UK (a UK registered charity), works closely with Pamoja Development Projects (PDP) in Kenya. PDP is a registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

PDP has a lot of contact with vulnerable and needy children, therefore we try and operate in such a way as to protect these children from harm. We endeavour to follow laws in Kenya as well as the UK when we are dealing with children and vulnerable adults. To ensure this we have put together appropriate policies outlining the way we are to operate. All workers within Pamoja will be made aware of these policies and be expected to adhere to them. The following table lists the policies.

Donations from UK Policy

As a charity we want to ensure we can allocate our financial resources as efficiently as possible to undertake our on-going educational and caring projects, as well as new projects and meeting any emerging needs. To do this we resource these from our general funds.

This means any project we undertake will receive the funding needed, and any leftover resources given can be used as other needs emerge.

To this end we ask that our donors give to Pamoja’s general funds. You are invited to express a preference of where you would like your donation to be used, on the understanding that the Pamoja trustees will honour your wishes where possible. If your kind donation is no longer needed for the purpose expressed, it will be used for another of our projects.