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Tala Projects are the vision of Robert and Rose Gitau. They are located about two hours East of Nairobi in Tala. Robert is a local pastor, church planter, and jack of all trades. They have started a boarding primary school which is also the home for many orphans, a boarding high school, planted over 30 churches in the surrounding villages, have an orphanage at their home, operate a medical clinic, and drilled a borehole well that provides water to the surrounding villagers. They operate many micro-finance projects in order to provide self-sustaining support such as a greenhouse, Tilapia fish pond, bee hives, a tractor to plough local farms, and probably some new project since this has been written.  Rose went to be with her Lord in 2014, since when Robert has re-married a lovely lady called Theresia, who has a real heart for continuing the work at Tala.  The most recent major project has been to drill a deep borehole, which, after many setbacks, is now supplying water in an area where rainfall is variable.  Robert and Theresia also partner with a charity based in Forward Green, Suffolk.  They are a beautiful couple and the work Jesus is doing through them is a blessing to so many in the surrounding communities.