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The Mier Pamoja Projects are located about 30 minutes East of Kisumu in a rural village called Ayweyo. They are overseen by Eric and Millicent Ojuki. Eric is a local pastor and church planter and his wife, Millicent, oversees the majority of the day-to-day operations. At Mier Pamoja Projects, we have the Mier Pamoja Academy and the Mier Pamoja Care Center.

Mier Pamoja Educational Centre is a Primary school and accommodates Pre-primary through Standard 8 (i.e. approximately ages 4-14).  About 160 children attend the school, which is growing due to its excellent reputation in the area.  In 2019, the exam results were the best in the district, a tribute to the dedication of the teachers, who are ably led by Mr Bernard Obera, a godly young man who quietly commands the respect of pupils, teachers and parents.  Many of the children at Mier Pamoja Educational Centre would not be able to attend school if it were not for the generous support of so many Pamoja sponsors. For many, this is their only opportunity to receive an education and a guaranteed meal each day, support for which is kindly given by Blythswood Christian Trust.

The Kenyan Education system is undergoing change, moving towards a more practical mode of teaching.  This is a badly-needed change, as the current system is based on rote-learning of a vast number of facts.  However, this welcome development also presents challenges for Pamoja, as enhanced facilities and more equipment will be required in the near future.

The child protection policy can be viewed here.