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The Endau Clinic is located in the very rural village of Endau. It is about a full day’s journey from Nairobi. In 2008, Pamoja became aware of the need for a medical clinic in this village. The nearest clinic was 35km away and too far for the villagers to walk. Pamoja bought land to build the medical clinic. The clinic was completed in 2009. It is run by a nurse named Stephen who is supported by Pamoja. The clinic offers many medical services and is vital to the health of the surrounding villages. Stephen is a man of many talents and regularly treats cases such as HIV, Malaria, Hypertension, soft tissue injuries, deep cuts, epilepsy, chicken pox, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, asthma, and he regularly delivers babies. Through the support of Pamoja, the clinic is able to offer these services at a much reduced rate and has never turned down a patient in need!