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Our Education Sponsorship ministry operates primarily in and around the slums of Nairobi and at Mier Pamoja Educational Centre at Magina, near Kisumu. These children are orphans or members of needy and vulnerable families as identified by the pastors and churches we partner with. Most of these children have lost one or both of their parents and are living with loving, stable relatives who were willing to take them in, but lacked the resources to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education. We have over 200 children being sponsored through this ministry. The Education Sponsorship ministry is run out of our main office at the Kware Care Center in Ongata Rongai. Stanlaus Kioko is the Coordinator who oversees all of the pastoral family counseling visits, regular Bible Clubs for all the children, and all the logistics involved in sending over 200 children to school!

Please see ‘Magina School’ page for more details of what is happening at our own Mier Pamoja Educational Centre.

It costs £15 per month to sponsor a child’s education. Please contact us using the form opposite to sponsor a child and we will contact you. For other enquires please contact us.

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