CSM is a street boys ministry that Pamoja supports. It was started by one of our partner churches, AEPC Kawangware. It started with a Thursday Bible study. The church opens their doors twice a week to all the street boys in the slum of Kawangware. Following the Bible studies each week, we gather and share a meal together. After lunch, the boys are given an opportunity to wash their clothes, take a bath, and get some much needed sleep.

After gaining their trust, many started coming to church on Sundays. Several of the boys became Christians, quit their addictions to huffing glue, and stopped stealing in order to eat and buy glue. The boys were still living on the streets and we needed to find a place for them to call home. We rented a single room in the slum at first, and in the past few years we have witnessed Jesus’ hand on this ministry and we now have a house in a nicer suburb of Nairobi with 22 boys!

It’s amazing to watch the miracle taking place in these children’s lives as they are radically transformed back into regular, Jesus loving, school attending, and joy filled kids! It may sound strange that it takes a radical transformation to get back to being a regular kid, but life on the streets in a slum is rough. The police have “secret orders” to go out under the cover of darkness to “shoot-to-kill” these boys in order to “clean the trash off the streets.” If they are even caught stealing a banana, they may become victims of mob justice. Mob Justice is when a crowd of people catch the child, stack tires around him, pour gasoline all over him, and set him on fire in the middle of the street. We are seeking justice for these children and working to see that those guilty of police brutality are held accountable. Please be praying for protection for these children and for the financial provision to rescue more from the street.

CSM is now solely supported from the USA.