Update on flooding and food shortages in Kenya

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We are in regular contact with our friends in Kenya, and can tell you first and foremost that the aid we have been able to send as a result of the generosity of donors here in the UK is much needed and much appreciated. Thank you so much. Because of the Covid-19 situation, Millicent is unable to gather large groups of people together to distribute food, so she is contacting people associated with Pamoja through the school, then loading up the car with basic supplies and driving as near where they live as possible so they can pick it up in small groups. She has also been able to arrange for small groups of people at a time to come to the school itself to receive aid.

Food distribution at the school

We wanted to open the school kitchen to provide hot food, but Millicent has advised us that this is not possible in the current situation, as they would be overwhelmed by crowds, and the whole operation would then be put in jeopardy because the local authorities would clamp down on any large group of people coming together for any reason. Instead, we have asked Millicent to make sure people have the facility to cook at home, and if necessary to buy cooking equipment with aid money.

Please continue to pray about the situation in the Magina area in particular. There has been more rain, and more flooding. We have received a short video this morning from James, one of the local young men who is being sponsored by Pamoja to do a building course at the local technical college, and who is a great support to Millicent and Eric in their efforts. The video shows floodwaters at the bottom gate of Mier Pamoja Care Centre, swirling around the play equipment we bought. He says that the waters stopped short of the buildings, but that local people have been flooded once more. Whilst we have funds to help people rebuild their houses, we need wisdom on how best to do this in such a way that they won’t be flooded again. In the meantime, we are going ahead with building accommodation for some teachers at the school, which is on a plot that has not flooded.

Elsewhere in Kenya, we have sent money that can be claimed by any of our alumni group (young people who have been (or still are) supported by Pamoja and are now at college, or trying to obtain jobs. We heard that many of these were having difficulty because the restrictions the government has introduced means that basic food is becoming more difficult to find at affordable prices.

We have also sent some relief money to Endau, where, although there is no flooding, they are also suffering from the increase in the cost of living. We have a video from one very articulate local man expressing his thanks.

In all of this, our friends keep reminding us and each other that ultimately they trust in God. They are thankful for the way God has prompted the hearts of many people to give generously, and they express their firm belief that no matter what hardships they suffer in this life, they can look forward to a new creation when these problems will be in the past, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Once again, thank you for the hope you are bringing to our friends through your generosity. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is hugely appreciated.