Tonight We Celebrate

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This past week, Kristen and I left Kenya and headed for the UK to meet with our Board of Trustees here. It marked the end of our first two years in Kenya serving as missionaries with Pamoja. It was hard to say goodbye to all the children and staff. We will be in the UK this week and then the US for the next 3 months fundraising for our next two years in Kenya. It has been so sweet to stop and think back over these past two years. If I were living in Old Testament times, I think I would’ve built an altar to remember this milestone. It’s my tendency to continuously get caught up looking ahead to the things we haven’t yet accomplished. So much so at times that I don’t contemplate and celebrate the beautiful things God has done in and through us as a ministry in the past season. We are content, but not settled with where we stand today, but we are certainly not where we once were, and for this it is good to pause, look back, and celebrate what the Lord has done.

I think I’d call this altar Gilgal. You can read about Gilgal in the book of Joshua. It’s the spot where the Israelites camped after crossing over the Jordan River just before entering into the promised land. Gilgal represented God rolling away the reproach of Egypt. It was a special spot for the Israelites and a place of great anticipation for what was still to come. God had done many miracles to bring the people to this place. God’s best was still in front of them, but they were well on their way to experiencing all that He had promised. I’d say this is the place we find ourselves in today as Pamoja, and it’s a beautiful place to be. I’m going to sit down for a minute, think back, and celebrate. I’ll pick back up the pace and move on tomorrow, but tonight I’ll remember yesterday with anticipation for tomorrow.

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  1. timbo
    22nd February 2014

    hey andy!

    i don’t know what was in those kids drink?!! are you sure it was just fanta!!!

    thanks for your blog update. nice thought.

    it was sweet having you in the uk. come again soon!