Sue & Richard in Kenya again

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DSC02597When we came home from Kenya in November last year we left a trunk of belongings at Ahero as a kind of deposit for future visits. Our next trip is under way!

Sue left Heathrow on Saturday 5th March, and Richard is following on 17th March after another couple of weeks in school extracting GCSE coursework from pupils! We have booked to return together on 12th April (back in school on 13th!)

Our plan for this visit is that Sue will spend the first week around Nairobi, then fly up to Kisumu on Monday 14th March to be with Millicent and Eric. Richard is planning to drive to Ahero the following Monday. Our cases have lots of clothes, books, toys and games for the children in the Care Centre and we want to organise all these goodies so they can be both looked after and enjoyed by the children. In the School, we are looking forward to meeting the new Head Teacher and we have various projects in mind, including helping them establish a library and recording the children singing. More generally, we want to try to find out if a better internet connection for Millicent and Eric is possible, so we can improve communications. But this is Kenya, so who knows what might happen!

We had an answer to prayer even before Sue left Heathrow. Tim had designed and had made a banner to go across the School entrance. This, being an extra piece of luggage, was refused when Sheena tried to bring it out in the autumn. We had attempted to contact Kenya Airways to ask them for special dispensation, but had no reply to our e-mail (and Sue’s brother Alan even tried asking at their offices in Nairobi but no one could help). So we took it to the airport just to try. Our check in lady was very pleasant, but said it would cost £146 unless someone from Kenya Airways was lenient. She pointed us in the direction of a couple of men who might be able to help. Briefly, we were given the opportunity to explain why they should do us a favour, which we did! One of them then said ‘OK – take it over there and tell them Jason has authorised it’. Sue told him it was an answer to prayer. We are very thankful to the Lord and to Jason!

One thing we will need to adjust to is the temperature difference!  Rather than a chilly March in

Is it cold? Is it hot?

Is it cold? Is it hot?

England, it will be 30+ (and humid) in Ahero.  I don’t know what our friends in the area would think of England in the winter: they said it was ‘a bit chilly’ when the temperature dipped towards 25!

So, other than to confirm that Sue and all the luggage arrived safely, that’s about it for now! As before, we will value your interest, thoughts and prayers while we are in Kenya. We will do our best (flaky internet and power permitting), to keep you informed!