Sue & Richard back in Kenya

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Here we are again! We flew to Kenya on Thursday 13th October, flying direct this time to avoid any unplanned stays in Istanbul, such as we had this time last year. Slight hiccup in getting on the plane, as Sue was pulled over in the security check: she had a CD player in her hand luggage which was not recognised – probably because these kind of things are antiques these days! Of course the departure gate was at the uttermost part of the airport…but we made it! Our nephew Toby was travelling with us, and is accompanying us for the whole six week visit. Sue’s cousin Roy also travelled with us, and is currently with us in Nairobi, but is only here for about 10 days. He is planning to spend most of that time with Robert Gitau at Tala (see the relevant tab on the Pamoja website), as the village where he lives in Suffolk have taken a particular interest in supporting Robert’s projects.

We have only been here 48 hours, so there is not much to report yet! Once more, we are very grateful for Sue’s brother Alan & his wife being so hospitable to us on our arrival in Nairobi – we will miss them when they relocate to Florida early in the new year. We seem to have spent most of our time shopping so far! Not for ourselves, but mainly in preparation for our visit to the clinic at Endau on Monday. We are aware that this is a very poor area, so we have stocked up with some basic groceries to take to people – and we also need to ensure that we have the supplies we need for the planned three-day trip.

The main purpose of the trip is to deliver a motorbike to Stephen, the nurse at Endau. This is a machine that Tim owned in Kenya, and which Alan has been busy working on to make it roadworthy again. Stephen will be able to use it to visit patients who live in outlying areas who are too unwell to visit the clinic themselves. Whilst there for a day, we also hope to start work on painting the outside of the clinic – buying paint was another part of our shopping today! The plan for Monday is for Alan to ride the motorbike as far as Kitui – 3 or 4 hours out of Nairobi – and for Stephen to meet us there for handover. Alan will then return to Nairobi while Stephen rides it the remaining 60 miles or so on dirt roads to Endau. Please pray as we undertake this journey. You can trace through the journey on Google Maps – type in ’16 Ngong View Road to Endau’! They reckon it’s about 6.5 hours – my recollection is that this is optimistic!

I think that’s it for now. One piece of news on the BBC website today gives you a little flavour of the way Kenya works… have a look at this link… . It’s an article entitled ‘What exam cheating tells us about distrust in Kenya’. Sad but true.

Apologies for lack of pictures: we haven’t taken any yet. Hopefully this time next week I’ll be able to give you a report on Endau.

Thank you for your prayers, support and interest