Sue in Ahero, Richard in Nairobi

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The last two weeks have been strange: we don’t spend much time apart, and I have to say honestly (even!) after over 30 years of marriage, we don’t much like it! But it made sense this time for Sue to make the most of the time available, so that’s what we did.

So, according to phone reports, I believe that Sue is doing OK in Ahero. She is enjoying being with Millicent & Eric again, and has been camping in the little tin house in their garden (getting in there each evening before the rain starts). One night, she found she was sharing her accommodation with a large toad! (No, I hadn’t arrived early…)

During the days this past week (having flown from Nairobi last Monday), she has spent time in the school, organising some further redecoration and going through some admin with the administrator (which makes sense). She has also done some teaching, and has enjoyed renewing acquaintance with staff who were there last autumn, and meeting new staff, including a new Head Teacher. I think she has many plans for when we are there together!

I taught a couple of lessons last Thursday morning at The King’s School in Fair Oak, then got a lift to the airport with our pastor (thank you, Bob) and flew out on a very full plane at 7pm. I had checked in online the previous evening and had been rather dismayed to find that the only available seat was in the middle of the middle – not a great place for long legs for 8 hours. But the first person I saw at Heathrow was the helpful man who had allowed the banner to be taken by Sue (see previous post), so I went up to thank him again, and give him a Pamoja business card which I didn’t have previously. He asked me if I was flying tonight, where I was sitting – and then said he could get me a better seat, which he did! So I spent the night with my legs stretched out by the emergency exit. Do you believe in answers to prayer? It was certainly a kind act.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been acclimatising to temperatures in the high 20s (there’s a heatwave in Nairobi!) and preparing for the drive to Ahero tomorrow, where it’s always hot! ¬†Anthony, an ex resident of the Care Centre in Nairobi, now working part-time for Pamoja to encourage and help those who have left the programme (our alumni scheme), is accompanying me on the journey. I haven’t met him before, so it will be good to have a few hours to get to know him. The car is packed, mainly with clothes, books, toys & games for the kids ready for an early start tomorrow. I know many people are praying for a safe trip – thank you.

I have purchased a new ‘Internet Everywhere’ device, which I am promised will work better than the old one, so hopefully updates from Ahero will be easier than on our last trip.

Thank you for your continuing interest and prayers.