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Kware is quite a small site with a lot of people living on in. There are six to eight children sharing each of the bedrooms and each child used to keep their clothes and belongings in a metal box. Well, you can imagine the chaos when the person someone wanted something from the box at the bottom of the pile. This meant that a lot of floor space was taken with the boxes. The Care Center Manager, Mildred Kadenge, suggested the we build some shelves instead. Some money was sent from the UK and a Fundi (tradesman) constructed the shelves. The place is now a lot easier to keep tidy. Even so I expect you can tell which shelves belong to the boys and which to the girls!

This small improvement came from funds in the UK. If you would like to support the work of Pamoja please donate or contact us.

The metal boxes were then donated to the Covenant Street Ministry.