Sue in Ahero, Richard in Nairobi

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The last two weeks have been strange: we don’t spend much time apart, and I have to say honestly (even!) after over 30 years of marriage, we don’t much like it! But it made sense this time for Sue to make the most of the time available, so that’s what we did. So, according to […]

Sue & Richard in Kenya again

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When we came home from Kenya in November last year we left a trunk of belongings at Ahero as a kind of deposit for future visits. Our next trip is under way! Sue left Heathrow on Saturday 5th March, and Richard is following on 17th March after another couple of weeks in school extracting GCSE […]

New Washrooms at Kware

New Washrooms at Kware

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The wash rooms at Kware have been rebuild and now have brick walls. The doors were re-used!

Sue & Richard – postscript to our trip

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So, after six fascinating weeks, our trip to Kenya is over. Our last day in Nairobi was spent at the Kware Care Centre, with various Pamoja workers and sponsored children. It was good to meet Stephen, the medical officer from the clinic at Endau. He is surely one of our unsung heroes, working alone as he […]

Sue & Richard update Sunday 22nd November

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We are safely back in Nairobi, enjoying a few slightly more relaxed days around the family as our time in Kenya draws to a close.  Last Monday we went back to the care centre and the school for the last time to say our farewells (or ‘au revoirs’).  We had a final singing session with some […]

Sue & Richard update Sunday 15th November

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Sorry it’s been a few days since we wrote – lots happening and the internet has been even more temperamental than usual! Last weekend (7th & 8th November) we had a trip to Millicent’s home village, which is about a 2 hour drive away. We understood that we would be staying with Millicent’s brother, Elisha, […]

Sue & Richard update Friday 6th November

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Here’s a little conundrum about Kenya to start with. Why, in a country where no one bothers at all if you are an hour or two late for anything, does everyone, when they get on the road, drive as though every second counts? This week went something like this: On Monday, we went into school […]

Sue & Richard update Sunday 1st November

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Sue & Richard update – Sunday 1st November Life in Kenya is unpredictable!  We had made plans for each day in the past week, and I don’t think anything happened when we thought it would!  Nonetheless, we have settled into our little two-room abode quite comfortably and are learning just to shrug our shoulders like […]

Sue & Richard update – a guide to road travel in Kenya

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We hope this is a helpful guide to anyone thinking of using Kenya’s roads. Think of it as a kind of Highway Code (but not as we know it) Finding your way around. Most signposts, especially those at major junctions, have fallen down if they were ever there. Ask the locals for help. Signalling Right. […]

Sue & Richard in Kenya: update Monday 26th October

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First of all, thank you for finding this and reading it! Secondly, apologies that the update has taken a week. Here in Ahero, near Kisumu, we are finding internet connectivity intermittent, and even as I write this I’m not sure when I’ll actually be able to post it! Unfortunately there is no chance of uploading […]