Message of thanks from Millicent

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Many thanks to all Pamoja supporters who responded so quickly and generously to our recent message about Millicent.  We have been able to send over £5500 to Millicent towards her operation, which is wonderful.  Her family is planning a fund-raising event on 5th October and they are hopeful after this that there will be enough money to send Millicent to India (Mumbai) for her operation, probably leaving Kenya on 10th October.  Her sister would accompany her.  With recuperation time after the operation, she would be away from Kenya about a month.  Much prayer is still needed: this is a major operation.

Millicent has written a card to say thank you to everyone, photographed it and sent it to us via WhatsApp.  Unfortunately some of the writing is blurred, even at the second attempt, but we believe it says something like this:

“To all who supported me financially: May God bless you all.  Thanks for your generosity and hospitality.  I really believe God has used you to help me at my time of trouble as the Bible says in Psalm 46 verse 1.  To me, when the doctors said I need 1.6 million shillings (about £12500) I didn’t see where I would get the money, but I trusted in God for the money and took my burden to the Lord.  I give God all the glory, and believed, as He did to the Israelites in the wilderness.  (Exodus 3: 7-9)  So He has done to me, and I thank Him.  I plan to go to India for the operation.  Millicent & Eric.”

The other side of the (typically Kenyan!) card is more legible: here it is.

Thank you once again for your support both financially and in prayer.  God bless you.