Further flooding in Magina

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This week, sadly, there has been more flooding in the Magina area.  Once more, the rented houses where some of our teachers stay (including Benard, the Headteacher) have been flooded. He has sent a short video showing what has happened.  The house belonging to Joyce, a lady who has worked at Mier Pamoja Care Centre for many years, was also flooded.  Joyce is already suffering from pneumonia, so dealing with a flooded house in the early hours of the morning is not at all good for her.  We have also received a video from Clinton, a young man who has been sponsored by Pamoja for many years and who is now working at the hospital in Ahero.  He is renting rooms in  Ahero, which were also flooded.  Where all the water is on the video should not be wet at all!  It is an area at the side of the main road.

The houses where several teachers rent rooms

Once more, Millicent has been in action, giving food and bedding out to people.  It’s been really hard for her to help people: she can’t allow lots of people to come to her compound for help because of government restrictions due to Coronavirus (though the video of Ahero seems to show lots of people disregarding the rules….).  Also, it’s simply difficult to get around because so much of the area is underwater and impassable.  She has told us today that the road near the Care Centre (not the one in the video) only re-opened last night, 48 hours after the most recent flooding.

Millicent is meeting with the local chief today to discuss the best way forward.  We are hoping that we will be able to open the kitchen at the school to provide meals for people, but will have to work within government regulations to prevent too many people gathering together.  We are also working with Millicent to plan rebuilding houses, though we want to try to ensure that this can be done in a way to prevent them flooding in the future, as far as possible.

Thank you again for your tremendous response to our appeal.  You can be assured that your contribution is making a difference already and will continue to do so.  We are thankful to God for our amazing supporters here in the UK: our friends in Kenya appreciate everything that we can do so much.  God bless you all.

The area near Joyce’s house

Inside Joyce’s house