Flooded houses now rebuilt!

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Back in March we showed you pictures and wrote about houses that were destroyed in floods in the Magina area. This is where we have a small Care Centre and also the Mier Pamoja School that are run by our friends Rev. Eric and Millicent. Some of the teachers in the school rented rooms in the local community and their rooms were flooded, including the headteacher Bernard, who woke in the middle of the night with floodwaters swirling around his chest!

Thankfully only a few people in the area died in the floods but many local homes were destroyed.

We waited for the Kenyan Government to provide promised help, but no help came! So we spent some of the relief money you very generously gave us earlier this year and rebuilt a number of houses for badly affected families in the locality and for a few teachers at the school.

In the pictures of the houses affected by the floods, you will notice the mud walls have collapsed! Some of these houses were built in the recent past by Pamoja for widows attending the local church. This is why some of the iron sheets on the roofs are in relatively good condition!

A few pictures of rebuilt houses. You will see we decided to use iron sheets for the walls, partly as these will withstand future flooding better than mud walls, but also the special mud used to construct the walls is now in short supply and expensive!

We have been able to send funds to rebuild three homes for people in the local community and we built rooms on the school compound (which does not flood!) for three teachers that had been affected. We were also able to help repair some houses that were not so badly damaged.

Thank you so much for helping us to be able to reach out to the community in this way. Millicent and Eric have visited every building site to share the good news of Jesus with these families and made clear that the funds came from God through Pamoja!

We are continuing to send money for food to over 200 families every month. These families would be really struggling without this help – so a VERY BIG thank you to all those who have contributed towards this relief work.

We are currently reviewing how much longer we can continue to support these families, so if any of you feel led to help further that would be great! The future looks very uncertain since the recovery in Kenya after Covid is very slow.

Sadly, no one from UK is able to visit Kenya at present due to the difficulties posed by Covid, but we are in regular touch with our friends in Kenya via WhatsApp, email and phone. They are very grateful of the interest, support and prayers of people here in the UK. Many thanks for your continued support in every way.