Covid Relief Update

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We have all felt the impact of the Covid 19 shutdown but in Kenya the situation is very serious with many suddenly losing their means of putting food on the table each day. The Government has offered no significant support and food prices have risen.

We thank the Lord that He has moved many of you to give generously in response to our Covid and flooding appeal.

The picture shows food distribution to needy families by Pastor Shigonde in Nairobi

Below is a summary of the gifts we have sent so far to needy families and individuals that Pamoja is supporting. The total amounts cover up to the end of August 2020.

Nairobi based Pamoja kids and families:
We have sent between £1500 to £2000 each month for our Nairobi based Pamoja kids and families. This includes 25 kids in education, all the children at the Kware Care Centre (who are home with their families at the moment) and 21 Alumni we have contact with. Each child gets 4,000/- per month (£32) towards food and rent.
Total sent – £9182.

We have sent funds to Stephen (the nurse at the Health Clinic) to buy food for some of the needy families there. This area is usually very dry, but this year they had surprisingly good rains followed by a decent harvest, so the need is not as great as we would usually expect.
Total sent – £1000 for food & £160 to buy extra medicines for the clinic.

Millicent has been buying food and distributing it to needy families in the local community. She has also been aiding families affected by the floods in March. There are between 150-200 families being helped. We sent out £2000 to buy in stores of food in case food supplies got difficult to find. Total sent – £7250

Kawangware Church, Nairobi
We have sent funds to provide food support to 32 families in Pastor Shigondes church.
Total sent – £1000

We still have appeal funds available and we hope to extend support until the end of this year, although we may have to gradually reduce the amount folks receive during November and December to match remaining funds.

All UK Pamoja Trustees join with our friends in Kenya in giving our sincere thanks to all those who have contributed so generously to our appeal.

Here are some personal thanks from three of the young people who have recently been helped by Pamoja/

“I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the Pamoja sponsors for their generous contributions and acts of kindness during the corona pandemic.  The pandemic has really disrupted people’s livelihood and therefore the help that we get from Pamoja really came through at the right time. Personally we’ve been dividing the money in half. I take one half for my upkeep and maybe a boost in paying rent and the other half goes to Grandma since she was laid off work when the pandemic struck. Thank you so much from my family and I. God bless  Regards: Maryann”

“Hello mama Sheena, I hope you really doing great. Life haven’t been easy since most of us we lost our jobs due to the pandemic and its a shock that  there are no signs of recovering too bad, our families the guardians, brothers and sisters look up to us  for support.  Most of our guardians  are at their old ages they can’t work like they used to when we were young. Last time I personally was at relief for your support  We did shopping that sustained the whole family for a month! God bless you and our sponsors and GOD BLESS PAMOJA. from James”

“During this pandemic period the money Pamoja sent has been boosting me to pay rent, to buy food and also send some to my relatives. Being a young gentleman I have been kept in a position that I have to support my family this is after my uncle got attacked by stroke on his right hand side of his body,, he needs help and support from the family since he cannot do anything by his own!! Thankyou so much for your help,, may the Lord bless you abundantly,, and increase your pockets,, that you  will never lack something to put on your table as you share with your family Yours faithfully, Gideon Mwanza”

Please keep praying for the folks in Kenya.  No one knows how long it will be until things settle down but meantime your support is definitely making a difference for many under great stress.

Our next update will feature a report on relief for those affected by the flooding in Magina area.