Blythswood Trust Donates Mosquito Nets

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Blythswood Trust recently made a donation to Pamoja ( to enable them to buy new mosquito nets in Kenya.  Twenty nets were bought to replace old and worn-out nets for the Mier Pamoja Children’s Care Centre in a rural area near Kisumu.  This is a malaria-prone area with a thriving population of mosquitos, especially when it rains.  Twenty more nets were bought for use in the local community.  This is a very poor area, where many people are unemployed and they simply cannot afford the basics of life, never mind mosquito nets.  Pamoja has very recently paid for a new house to be built for one young couple, Jack and Judy.  They are the most capable people in an extended family with a history of mental illness, and are very caring people.  Long term, they will be responsible for two of the young children currently at the Care Centre and were very grateful for the gift of a net.   Another net was given to Kevin, a boy suffering from rickets, who has recently had a second operation to correct knock-knees.  His family’s situation is also typical of the area: his father has occasional work as a tailor but is currently very unwell; his mother is a housewife, so the family has no regular income.  Other nets will be similarly distributed and appreciated.  Millicent Maguke, area co-ordinator for Pamoja is sincerely thankful for the support given by Blythswood Trust:  “It is good to know that we here in rural Kenya are not forgotten.  Thank you for the love you show in the name of the Lord Jesus”.