A Wedding, a Fridge, and a Thank-you!

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End of Year Highlights!
2020. What a year!  Through every trial and challenge we thank the Lord that He has been our refuge and strength. We wish all our supporters Gods blessings in 2021.
Please find some highlights that happened this December….

First a wedding!
Julius stayed at the Pamoja Kware Care Centre just outside Nairobi for 5 years. After secondary school he went to university and obtained a Bachelor in Education degree.  He has been favoured with a full time job working in a Government High School near Kitui in north east Kenya where he teaches English.

Pamoja sponsored him through primary and secondary school and to go to university. He got married to Kate on the 12th December 2020. They are both Christians and have committed their lives to following Jesus and got married in church (quite a rare thing in Kenya these days). It is encouraging to see that they are continuing in the Christian faith!
You can see from the photo above how Westernised their wedding was!  All very smart indeed.

Sheena was hoping to be at the wedding, but of course with Covid restrictions on travel, this was impossible.

See the link below for a short YouTube video clip if you are interested to see more of a modern Kenyan wedding.


Solar Fridge at Endau
Secondly, and – at long last!…..  the solar fridge has been delivered and set up at the Endau clinic. It was installed and working by Wednesday 23rd December. 
Stephen (the clinical nurse) started storing the rabies vaccine in the fridge. An elderly lady was brought in on the 27th December (4 days after the fridge was installed!) as she had been bitten by a rabid wild animal. Here we see her after her vaccine injection.
Thank you to all who helped raise funds for this fridge. It means Stephen can now run a vaccination programme for babies and children as well as storing snake bite anti venom, rabies vaccine, HIV testing solutions etc.

He may even be using the fridge to store the COVID vaccine in this coming year!

Thank you from Kioko
Finally, I wanted to copy this email we got from Kioko who has been working with Pamoja for over 20 years. He coordinates the Nairobi area education scheme.

He is thanking the Pamoja UK Trustees but we want to thank you – the sponsors that gave the finances so that we could support our Pamoja families. Most of all we praise God for your generosity!
Hi everyone,

I take this golden opportunity to send Christmas greetings in this season as we remember the great love of God to the human kind.

It’s my sincere joy and gratitude to thank you guys for the wonderful work you have been doing all the years without getting tired. I thank the good Lord who has given you sufficient grace to continue with the good work. 

This year was the most difficult one  due to covid 19 pandemic and you tried all you could to make sure that our people  did not suffer. We can not take this for granted.

On behalf of all pamoja families I take this opportunity to really appreciate you so much for covid relief support. It has been of great help to our people.

Pass our sincere love and Christmas greetings to all pamoja trustees and all your family members. Finally I wish you all merry christmas and happy prosperous New year 2021.

May the good Lord bless you all and keep you. May he make his face shine upon you all and be gracious unto you all. May the good Lord lift up his countenance upon you all, and give you peace year 2021.

From my family much greetings,