Glimpses of Heaven in mud huts, and other news from Kenya

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Hello again from Kenya. We’ve had a good week here: positive news about Millicent, the politics are settling down, at least for the moment, and we’ve found plenty to do with our friends here. Let’s start with Millicent. She had her triple bypass operation on Tuesday (31st October) and it went very well. Every report […]

Sue & Richard update 28th October

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Greetings once again from Kenya. This is the usual (for this trip) mix of news about Millicent, politics, and what we’ve been doing. Millicent first. She had a good flight to India and is being well looked after at the hospital. She has undergone thorough tests as a day-patient, and she let us know today […]

Sue & Richard update 24th October 2017

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These are strange times here in Kenya. The weather is odd for a start: the locals are saying it’s quite unpredictable these days. Not as hot as it has been on previous visits, though still shirtsleeves weather – but plenty of thunderstorms and rain. Heavy rain here also means that the previously dusty ground rapidly […]

Sue & Richard update 18th October 2017: Kware, Millicent, Magina, Elections….

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We made it back to Kenya! Despite some misgivings about coming here during a time of political uncertainty (more of that later), we have seen very little sign of any trouble in the places we have been so far. After good flights (from Southampton – so much easier than London!) followed by long queues to […]

Message of thanks from Millicent

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Many thanks to all Pamoja supporters who responded so quickly and generously to our recent message about Millicent.  We have been able to send over £5500 to Millicent towards her operation, which is wonderful.  Her family is planning a fund-raising event on 5th October and they are hopeful after this that there will be enough […]

Millicent Maguke – update September 2017

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Millicent is the wonderful lady who, along with her husband Eric, is the inspiration and driving force behind Pamoja’s work in the Magina area.  She is a person of great energy, ideas and passion, and has given her life to serve the Lord by helping the poor people in the place where she lives. In […]

Elections in Kenya 2017: September update

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This is a brief update on the political situation in Kenya. It is not a detailed analysis of what is happening in the country, but rather an outline to enable Pamoja supporters to pray. We do not get involved in party politics, but we pray for the election of politicians who are not corrupt, and […]

Sue, Richard & Toby – Home again!

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Ten days after arriving back home I’ve finally got a few minutes to complete our Autumn 2016 Kenya blog. We’ve been enjoying little luxuries like drinking water from the tap and having hot showers, but have also been busy reporting back on our visit to Pamoja Trustees, checking and passing on the annual reports and […]

Some pictures at last!

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So after many words, here are some pictures.  I thought – what pictures would you like to see?  Building toilets?  New storage units?  Solar panels being installed?  Or, even more exciting – putting in a new drain?  I’m sure all those things are appreciated by the people at Magina, but they pictures can wait!  Instead, […]

Sue, Toby & Richard update 19th November

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Our final few days in Magina have certainly had their highs and lows. One high was the party that the Care Centre people organised for us on Thursday evening; the lowest point was the discovery of an infestation of bedbugs on Monday! On Sunday we were at Millicent and Eric’s Church again with the now […]