Another October, another trip to Kenya

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Hello everyone. Here we are back in Kenya again. If you’re envying us sitting in tropical sunshine, you can forget it! Nairobi has been almost entirely like autumnal English weather: cloudy, cool (OK – 18-20 degrees) and plenty of rain. We’ve had a trip to the sunshine in Endau, though: that was the opposite extreme […]

To Endau and back: parallel universes and other thoughts

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Our last week in Kenya has been dominated by our visit to Pamoja’s clinic at Kamusa, a small settlement beyond Endau, which is itself beyond where most people go. Mentioning Endau to the average Kenyan simply elicits a blank look, and even the two policemen who stopped us for a ‘check’ on the way said […]

Our last week in Magina

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Apologies for lack of blog for a while – we’ve been busy! This blog takes you from Sunday 4th to Tuesday 13th November, our last week in Magina, and back to Nairobi. We had a memorable day on Sunday, going to Church with Eric and Millicent at Magina, where there was a real sense of […]

And another week in Magina – 3rd November

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Here we sit in the dimness of our solar light, for which we are nonetheless grateful, as power is off again! We had thunder this afternoon, which usually results in a power cut; all part of the rhythm of life here. It’s been another week full of variety, the usual mix of some things accomplished, […]

Another week in Magina

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It’s been a busy week! A mixture of fun times with children, doing practical things, chatting and listening – and a few unexpected moments that remind us that we are not in Hampshire! So, here is the week’s diary. Monday: School day. We spent the morning organising sponsored children to write their thank you letters, […]

Sue & Richard Update 21st October

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Greetings from Kenya once again. We enjoyed our time in Nairobi, spending time with friends and generally acclimatising once again. After our journey as described on the last blog, this is the story so far…. Thursday 11th: Slept in at our comfy lodgings in Nairobi. Mildred from the Care Centre came over later with our […]

Back in Kenya

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We have made it back to Kenya for another visit where our plans, as in previous years, are to spend some time with our friends at the Children’s Care Centre in Nairobi, the Centre and School at Magina (near Kisumu) and at the clinic at Endau. As we have already been reminded, though, plans need […]

The Endau Experience etc.

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This will probably be our last update while in Kenya. In 48 hours, we should be at Nairobi airport, preparing to fly home. There’s so much to reflect upon, but for the moment we’ll mainly be writing about our trip to Endau. Sheena, our sister-in-law, arrived in Kenya on Monday last week, as we arrived […]

Sue & Richard update 11th November

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Keep reading – there are some pictures further down! Our time in Magina has come to an end, and we have travelled from near Kisumu today to Turi, near Nakuru, to visit friends from UK who are here in Kenya for two years, teaching at St Andrew’s School. We’ve only been here a short time, […]

Fowl Wakenings and a Funeral – last Saturday in rural Kenya

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If we hadn’t realised it on previous trips, the last few weeks here in Kenya have reminded us very clearly that life here is very different to what we have in UK. Particularly out here in ‘the rural’ in Luo land, it certainly isn’t just like Chandler’s Ford only hotter! A picture of the day […]